Golden Rules & Tips for cooking!!

Hi friends,
Here I will be posting all the useful, essential handy time saving and taste savouring tips for cooking. You know how there are these small small things which matter so much for cooking. So here's a list of all such secrets. Feel free to share your secrets too here :)

1. Oil: any oil should be smoked first before adding any ingredient to it. 
It greatly enhances the flavour, makes the cooking faster and reduces the heavy oily feeling. If you all remember our grand ma's always used to do this for all the oil before storing it away, now a days we don't do that coz of lack of time, but make sure u smoke the oil before cooking. You will feel the difference :)

2. Herbs: Should always be crushed in between warm palms before adding to food.
Be it italian herbs like basil, oregano, indian herbs like kasuri methi etc, always crush them between ur palms and add to the food. The heat produced by rubbing between our palms enhances the flavour. A simple quick & good trick

3. Fresh herbs: Should not be cut if possible
Cutting the herbs with knife makes them loose their color and a bit a flavour on our chopping board itself. Instead tear the leaves apart with your own hands. It feels good and tastes better.

4: Whole spices: Should always be dry roasted first
The whole spices we use are often kept in storage for long time. So before we start using them, just dry roast them till you start getting their aroma and then pound them using pestel & mortar or add just like that to the dishes, you will see that the taste of spices has been greatly enhanced. 
P.S in practical day to day life this step is hard to do coz of lack of time, so just fry your whole spices in hot oil before you add any vegetable, this improves the taste to :)

5. Tea: Should also be given passive heat
Never add tea leaves to the water/milk mixture with the heat still on, the heat burns the leaves and gives an odd bitter/burnt taste. Traditionally hot water was brought in kettle and tea was added then, these days we just make the quick fix tea, so what's the solution, heat the water/milk/flavour mixture and bring to boil, with the flame still on add the desired amount of tea leaves and immediately turn off the heat, cover with a lid which covers the vessel completely and leave for a min. After that drain the leaves, this gives a nice delicate tea flavour. I know this works coz I used to make bad tea, always used to burn it, but with this trick I get just the right flavour :)

I'll keep updating here and looking forward to getting to know more & more handy tips from all you.
till then,  

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :)


Quick & Easy Spaghetti / Pasta !

Hi everyone,
Lately I have had lots of work at office, as a result of which when I come back home, I am just too exhausted to cook anything with a long recipe.

So I make this 10-15mins time taking spaghetti. Its easy, quick, filling & delicious!

So here's the recipe

Ingredients: (for one serving)
Spaghetti ( use any number you like, for one person about 20-30 should be good enough, but its a personal choice)
1 medium sized onion
3-4 peeled cloves of garlic
Italian herbs ( I use this pre mixed mixture of pasta herbs, its easily available in the market, else one can use basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, if fresh herbs are available its even better :)  )
olive oil
1 tbsp cheese (optional use 3-4 tbsp cheese if you like it cheesy :)  )
4 big tbsp ketchup / tomato sauce
1 tbsp any ready made italian sauce ( i like primavera sauce, you can use any red sauce available, trust me using these sauces save a lot of time)

Optional ingredients: (veg)
Capsicum, mushroom, corn, carrots, spinach, basically any vegetable you wanna add. Cut them in small pieces or any way you like
note: if using broccoli or brussel sprouts, dont cook them, add them just 2-3 mins before serving the pasta, else they develop a weird bitter taste

Optional ingredients: (non-veg)
sausages, shredded/diced meat, boiled egg whites
note: if using sausages, add them just 2-3 mins before turning the flame off. There is no harm adding the sausages before, its just then they loose all their flavour. Adding towards the end helps retain their own flavour & yet it absorbs the juices for enough time to blend in.


Cut the onion in long thin slices, crush the garlic and cut the other vegetables as you like, just make sure the pieces are not too big.

Break the spaghetti into half if you dont have a vessel big enough to boil it. Now we all know boiling pasta takes a lot of time, so I have a short cut, boil the pasta in a pressure cooker with the whistle on, as soon as you get the first whistle, immediately put the cooker under running water till you can open the cooker. Drain the spaghetti / pasta in a strainer taking off all the water, coat with one table spoon oil. It saves a lot of time n the pasta is just al dente (to the bite)

While the spaghetti gets boiled in the pressure cooker, heat about 2-3 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan. As soon as the oil starts to smoke, add the crushed garlic cloves followed after 5secs by long thin sliced onions. cook the onions till they start to shrivel a bit. Add in the herbs and let them fry a little in the garlic onion oil mixture.

Add the tomatoes n 1/4 tbsp sugar & wait till tomatoes start dissolving.

Next add the cut vegetables and meat/eggs and cook them till they are also al dente. If using boiled meat/eggs, add them after the vegetables are al dente as they dont need much cooking.

Add the spaghetti to the mixture and mix well with all the ingredients. Add in the cheese and keep mixing till all cheese has melted and has coated the vegetables and spaghetti.

Now add the chosen pasta sauce and mix well and let it stay for 30 secs.

Next add the tomato ketchup/readymade pasta sauce and mix. Follow by 1 cup of water ( the quantity should be such that 1/8th of the spaghetti gets covered, our aim is to form a sauce which isn't too liquidy but at the same time the pasta should not feel dry.) Add salt to taste. 

Bring to a boil as you constantly keep mixing, add the sausages if using any.

Turn off the heat and add broccoli / brussel sprouts and mix.

Now is the time to get a bowl and enjoy a delicious easy to cook meal. Tadaa!!

I just use the garlic & onions & sometimes frozen corn to cook after coming from office, & trust me folks, it tastes  really good!

So go ahead, try this basic, quick and easy to make spaghetti :)

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :)


Easy to make sheera/ kesari bhath/ suji ka halwa/ semolina pudding

Hi friends,

I am writing after many days. Finding very little time to write as the work keeps me really busy.
So here I am posting about the easy to make & good to eat sheera.

Its a very good breakfast and since it takes just 10-15 mins to make, its a good choice for when in hurry :)

Ok so let's get started!

Suji/ rawaa/ semolina
1-2 cardamoms
Turmeric/ Saffron (To give color)

Time: 10-15 mins

Now as you all would have noticed, I have not specified the quantity, well for this delicacy, there is a ratio, remembering which goes a long way :)

its: 1 cup suji-1 cup sugar-3 cups milk-1 cup water - 2tbsp ghee


Take a deep bottomed pan ( preferably non stick) and add the suji and powdered cardamom, you can add cardamom at the end to. Add the pinch of turmeric now if you are using it, if using saffron soak it in milk n add when you add milk.
Roast the suji for about 3-4 mins till you just start getting the aroma of roasted suji. Add the ghee now and mix well with the suji.

Now some recipes say you should boil the milk/water and then add sugar to it, but honestly who has all this time, so here's my effective shortcut

Once the suji is roasted, add in the milk and water and keep stirring the mixture constantly. If any big lumps are there, try to break them with the spatula but keep stirring, the lumps dissolve sooner or later. Keep stirring for 2-3 mins like that and then add the cup of sugar and keep mixing and stirring constantly. No stopping the stirring folks, that's the key :)

Now the mixture will come to a boil so be careful while stirring, in a minute or two you will see that the whole mixture starts moving in the pan more or less like one big mass. Now that's the point when you can turn off the flame n tadaa!! :D

Sprinkle with some powdered cardamom and coconut and enjoy :)
P.S if you wanna add dry fruits like resins, cashew nut, almonds etc, put them in while you add ghee, no need to fry, roasting them in ghee along with suji gives them a nice delicate flavour and does not make them heavy.

So here it was, the easy and quick to make sheera/ suji ka halwa/ kesari bhath/ semolina pudding.

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :)