Pav Bhaji- Street Style


Vegetables: Capsicum, Green Chillies, Onion, Beetroot, Tomato, Gobhi, Yellow & Green Peas, Boiled Potatoes, Ginger Garlic Paste, Fresh Coriander.
Spices: Pav Bhaji Masala, ,Turmeric, Red Chilly powder, Kasuri Methi.
Butter, Buns.


Boil yellow peas (soaked over night) & potatoes with some salt and keep aside Take 2,3 tbsp of butter in the cooking vessel and cook capsicum & green chillies(without seeds) till capsicum is done
Add the boiled yellow peas & green peas, cook till they are tender
Next add finely chopped onions & ginger garlic paste,
Add finely chopped tomatoes & beetroot, salt and cook till tomato melts, mash everything up
Add boiled mashed potato & add water
Add a little chopped coriander while the water is boiling along with pav bhaji masala & some kasuri methi
Keep Mashing till you get the desired consistency 
Turn off the flame & garnish with chopped coriander & half lemon juice.

For the bun, sprinkle some pac bhaji masala over it before toasting in butter

Serve with finely chopped onion & a wedge of lemon


Italian Omelette / Frittata in A Pan

Hi Everyone, 
I realise I have neglected this blog and cooking for a long time now and its making me sad. So here I am, back to my kitchen and now I have decided I will cook something nice every week no matter what and will share my recipes & experiences here. Hope you all like it :)

So today I will be sharing the recipe of Italian omelette ( Frittata). This is a simple dish and makes an awesome breakfast/brunch. Goes really well with simple wheat toast for breakfast or with pasta as brunch on those lazy sunday mornings.

So here's the recipe

Ingredients (for two servings)

3 Fresh Raw eggs
Milk (equal to one egg)
Fresh chopped vegetables, according to taste (I have used Capsicum, Onion, Tomato and garlic. You can also add mushrooms, Zucchini, Broccoli, Parsley, Spinach or pretty much any vegetable you like)
1 tbsp cheese (i have used cheese spread as its readily available)
1/2 tbsp Italian herbs (Basil, Oregano, Parsley etc etc, I have just used Pasta mix which is a premixed mixture of all the italian herbs readily available in market)
1 pinch of black pepper
1 pinch roasted cumin powder
Salt to taste
Olive Oil to taste


Heat some olive oil in a deep flat pan and add the garlic, let them fry in the oil till they start getting golden spots.
Next add in the onions and wait till they get translucent.
Add in the chopped capsicum and any other vegetable you want to add except for tomatoes and mushroom. Mix everything well and cook for about 30secs.
Next add the chopped tomatoes and mushroom and cook for 20 secs
Sprinkle the herbs all over the vegetables followed by cheese.

Mix everything well and cook till cheese completely melts and coats the vegetables.

Beat the Eggs, Milk, Pepper Powder, Roasted Cumin powder and salt together nicely and pour all over the vegetables in pan. do not mix, the egg mixture will find its way between the vegetables, dont worry about it.

Now cover the pan with a lid and leave for about a minute.
Remove the lid and check if the lower side of Omelette is cooked.

Now this part is a little difficult, since the Omelette is so big, its really difficult to flip it over with out breaking it, so i cut the Omelette into four pieces and then flip each piece. 

Cover again with the lid and cook on low flame for about a minute or as desired.

Tada!! your delicious brunch is now ready to be enjoyed :)

Serve with some fresh Juice or Hot coffee along with Wheat Toast or Pasta. 

So go ahead, try this delicious, quick and easy to make Italian Omelette and enjoy a delicious breakfast/Brunch :)

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :)